The FLOWER box is a chat room. To go to the FLOWER box, Click here!

So, the FLOWER box is a chat for Milla, Yasaman, Katie-Rose, and Violet. They chat with eachother and fans.

When you are on, you are most likely 2 chat with Milla. She is mostly on (Even tho Yaz is the founder) and u r least likely 2 chat with Violet.

If no one is there, then Click here to make a Plant it here, a big announcment, or just write on their walls!

Here are the different emotions u can make: :) :( ;) ;( :D :/ :P :|

Rules on the FLOWER box:

  • No swears
  • No stalking chats
  • No pretending 2 be a member of the cast
  • No Personal questions
  • Be nice
  • Behave
  • Have fun!!!!