Yasman(Top left), Camilla(Top right), Katie Rose(Bottom left), Violet(Bottom right)

Luv Ya Bunches is the first book in the Flower Power Book series.

Yasaman, Violet, Katie-Rose and Camilla (Milla for short) are flower-named girls entering the world of fifth grade. Katie-Rose is the techy one - she normally hides behind her camcorder. She and Camilla or “Milla” for short became friends over the summer at their summer camp. But now that school is about to start Katie-Rose is stressing because she’s not sure if her friendship with Milla will continue.

Milla is the beautiful, popular one. She wears all the trendy clothes, and hangs out with the coolest girls in school (although Modessa and Quin - said coolest girls, are not very nice). She lives with her two mothers and is stressing because slowly she is realizing that the coolest girls in school might not exactly be who she wants to hang out with.

Violet is the new girl in school. She just moved with her father to town and is none too happy about having to leave her friends behind. Not to mention she is suffering over the loss of her mother. She is assessed by the other girls and is promptly invited to be part of the popular clique. She wears the right clothes and has the perfect attitude - but will she fit in?

Then there’s Yasaman - although she’s been in the same school with these other girls, she has always been seen as an outcast. Her classmates see her as different because she wears a hijab and comes from a Muslim family. But underneath all that she is quite the whiz at html code. She has created a social network (similar to MySpace, Facebook, etc.) but she has no friends to talk to about it.

The story is told through all four points-of-view, including some fun instant message chats, and some very inventive screenplays and daydreams (courtesy of Katie-Rose). Each girl has her own personality and they all four complement one another. The book touches on topics that are very real to young girls - anywhere from bullying, to fashion sense, to just everyday issues - like overcoming differences and accepting who you are. On the first day, Violet asks for directions. Bouncy and joyful Katie-Rose gestures a bit too enthusiastically and Yasaman passes by at the wrong moment. Milla takes a spectacular tumble...along with the precious contents of her backpack. How her lucky bobble-head turtle ends up as a part of a sinister plot devised by queen bee Medusa---er, Modessa and her evil sidekick Quin is a big mess that these four girls must get to the bottom of together. In the process, they discover something even more valuable: Friendship. p>